• IRS Audit Representation

• Tax Projections

• Tax Planning

• Bonus Check Withholding Calculations

• Communication of Tax

• Financial Statement

• Accounts Payable

• Cash Managemnet

• Consulting & Advising

• Business Planning

Tax Services
Tax services aren't just filing your annual tax returns. Our highly trained and experienced staff knows that tax planning , tax projections and client communication as tax changes occur, prevent surprises on April 15th. We welcome your questions; we encourage you to discuss potential or actual changes in your life so we can determine the impact on your tax circumstances; we keep you informed regarding tax related legislation. We do all this with the expressed purpose of always looking for ways to maximize your tax savings.

If you're selected for an audit, Pohlman & Talmage's team of tax professionals are available to represent you. Our team will advise you and work as the liaison between you and the IRS to ensure that only necessary information is disclosed. Our goal is to protect your interests and obtain the most favorable outcome.

Accounting Services
You can turn to any firm for traditional accounting services. When you turn to Pohlman & Talmage, you'll receive solid accounting management and advice, in addition to a creative approach-and for our CPAs, that means consulting and advising.

Our professionals care. They want to know your organization's challenges, achievements and future goals. We enjoy meeting with our clients regularly and finding the best ways to help them achieve those goals.

Our firm will not only look at the numbers on your financial statements, we will go further by assisting you with the review of processes, procedures, and internal controls. We work with you and help you improve areas of your business that can affect your bottom line.

With their unique situation in mind, we lead our clients toward "thinking outside of the box" in order to build a successful practice and business.

"Before Pohlman and Talmage, we had many sleepless nights! Our former accountant did not understand our new business and it resulted in an accounting disaster and thousands owed to the IRS in fines and penalties. Thankfully, we found the competent professionals of Pohlman and Talmage! Not only did they clean up our mess - they saved us thousands of dollars (not) owed to the IRS. It is such a relief knowing Doug Talmage and Todd Figgins are on our team. Instead of worrying about the next threatening letter from the IRS, we are able to focus on growing our business. Thanks, Guys!” - David Littlejohn, O.D.

• Processing paychecks /
direct deposits

• Filing & depositing of all
withholding & employer taxes

• Filing & payment of all
quarterly & annual payroll tax
returns & reconciliations

• Importing of the payroll into
the General Ledger

• Workers' Compensation filing

• Integration with time keeping
and benefits

Payroll Services
As a business owner, managing the business should be your main concern every day-and payroll issues can quickly become overwhelming and take you off focus. Our job is to keep you on track. We will handle the details of new legislation and help you understand how these changes effect your organization.

With training and certification through the American Payroll Association, the dedicated Pohlman & Talmage payroll staff is well equipped to perform payroll services and make the transition seamless for you and your staff. Right from the start, we incorporate and manage well – known payroll software and services, with a meticulous review of your payroll, payroll taxes and W-2s to ensure accuracy.

We understand that all payrolls don't fit the same mold so when special circumstances arise, our staff will communicate with you and work to find the best solution for you and your organization.

We believe that payroll is more than just processing a paycheck, we understand the impact it has on you as a business owner and your employees, and this is what separates our payroll services from other accounting firms.

"I cannot say enough good things about our business relationship with Pohlman & Talmage, CPAs, Inc. I have always found them to be very knowledgeable, accurate and professional in every area of our payroll and accounting needs!" - Grace Smith, Bookkeeper, Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons

• Plan Design, Consulting
and Setup

• Plan Documents

• Participant and Trustee

• Employee Meetings

• Form 5500

• Coverage and Compliance

Retirement Plan & Consulting Services
Make retirement planning easier, more straightforward, efficient and financially beneficial. We specialize in retirement plan design and compliance. At Pohlman & Talmage, our mission is to advise and guide you through - not sell. In fact, because we do not sell investment products, we provide our clients a completely objective and knowledgeable view of the product market, so that you can choose an investment platform that meets the needs of your business.

Clients also benefit from our ongoing third party administration services for retirement plans. We keep you up to date on any legislative opportunities that may be beneficial to your plan. Our third party administration services will help you understand the ongoing changes with reporting requirements. We will assist you with the filing of required forms, and help you educate your employees so they see the value of and understand better their retirement plan benefits.

"Coolidge Wall has been in business since 1853. Part of our success comes from being able to rely on sustainable partnership to serve our clients as well as our own people. One such long term relationship is with Pohlman & Talmage. For the last 15 years, the team at Pohlman & Talmage has been a true business partner. The Team's deep and thorough knowledge of retirement plan administration and all its related services gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on our own business. We know that with Pohlman & Talmage, things will be done right, every time. The team at Pohlman & Talmage is extremely responsive to our needs; short deadlines are a given; the advice is always sound, thorough, and unbiased. I highly recommend Pohlman & Talmage's services." - Herman Chandiramani, Chief Administrative Officer, CFO and Treasurer of Coolidge Wall Co., LPA

• Financial Statement Preparation

• Cash Flow Planning

• Income Tax Planning

• Risk Management and
Insurance Analysis

• Education Planning

• Social Security Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Estate Planning and
Investment Planning

Financial Planning Services
Whether it's a financial plan for business, personal or both, wouldn't you like to have a meaningful conversation with an advisor who will discuss your goals and how you can accomplish them?

Pohlman & Talmage will take a comprehensive look at areas that have an impact on your financial future. We advise in all areas of financial planning that include helping you decide when you should begin taking distributions from a retirement account or at what age you should begin receiving Social Security.

At Pohlman & Talmage, we take a true advisory approach to financial planning. Because we don't sell investment products or trade assets, we are genuinely independent in our advising. So you benefit from financial analysis that isn't tainted by any hidden profit agenda. Our expertise in data analysis allows for more insight and ease of data gathering and our expertise in taxation allows for suggestions for controlling your largest budget item.

With Pohlman & Talmage, all aspects of your financial planning process are covered.

"We have used Pohlman and Talmage for a variety of services of over the last 20+ years. We are impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, communication and overall care and concern for us as clients." - Patrick Rini, Partner, The Connor Group

• Employee Handbooks

• Job Analysis &
Description Development

• Recruitment

• Workflow Efficiency

• Performance Management

• Training & Development

• Insurance Analysis & Coordination

• Succession Planning

• Compliance & Risk Management

Human Resources Services
Human capital is the biggest asset for any business owner. So you want to provide a good working environment for your employees-and it's necessary to stay current and compliant with changing regulations. Still, it can be difficult to justify the expense of hiring an employee that specializes in human resources, especially in the small business arena.

Let the professionals at Pohlman & Talmage CPAs guide you through human resources with management options, sound advisement or as your entire HR department. Pohlman & Talmage assists you not only with the compliance area of human resources, we also assist and advise you in areas such as working with your health insurance broker to find coverage that not only is cost effective but also provides a good benefit to the employer and employee. We understand the importance of a healthy work environment and we encourage and work with clients to create an environment that promotes team work, accountability and open communication.

"Personnel issues can be one of the most frustrating roles of a manager's job. Lori D. and Sarah have unique talents and experience that can offer a fresh perspective or act as confidant in times of struggle. I trust their counsel , as it has always proved to be of great benefit." - Annette Szempruch , Ear, Nose & Throat of Springfield

• What is considered marital

• How to value your marital

• How retirement accounts
and pension funds are divided

• Whether you should keep,
sell or refinance your house

• Whether a spouse should receive
alimony, how much they should
receive and how to get the most
from the alimony received

• Tax implications of any decisions made during negotiations.

• Setting up a budget

• Long-term implications of your
divorce settlement

• Support your case should you
go to divorce court

Domestic Litigation Services
Occasionally, business and personal conflicts arise in which two parties are at odds over financial matters. These unfortunate situations are oftentimes only resolved in a court of law and require the advice of experts in monetary disputes.

The litigation support team at Pohlman & Talmage provides that advice. Possessing the requisite training and credentials, backed up with years of experience, we can assist you and your legal counsel in assessing your current financial situation, making sense of a settlement offer or evaluating the short and long term financial impact as a result of divorce.

From valuation analysis and financial insight to pension and retirement planning (and everything in between), rely on our team to provide the financial expertise you need.

"Doug's ability to make complex accounting issues understandable in the boardroom and in the courtroom provides clients with a significant advantage.  He also found an error on one of my client's return that resulted in a refund that exceeded his fee.  I enjoy working with Doug and recommend him highly." - Wayne Waite, Attorney at Law